Success factors


An off-site meeting with the team is complex. Excellent preparation, highly focused coaching and post-evaluation (fast establishment of records and a phone conversation about the transfer of decisions six months after the workshop) are part of our job. You'll enjoy it.

We achieve your goals, assess and direct the energy of your participants, help resolving conflicts, realize the agenda, record agreements, coordinate changes with the hotel, organize entertainment, loosen the atmosphere, monitor the room temperature (including the wine temperature, if you'd like us to ;-)), ...

We'll deliver what you want. Otherwise, you'll get your money back.


We stick to our promise, we can send substitute staff on short notice (on those rare occasions where a consultant might not be available), and we are very reliable. We deliver on time, even in the design phase. We arrive a day in advance and we don't rush off afterwards - there is always an opportunity for a personal debriefing.


his means that we provide in particular excellent skills in the following areas:

  • Setting priorities
  • Making decisions
  • Drive improvements

This is how we approach the meetings together with you. We are in the leading role.

And IF something doesn't go quite to plan we'll stay and stick with it.


Every one of our partners and colleagues can quote and quantify at any point in time their

  • Industrial experience
  • Professional experience
  • Leadership and team experience (and/or psychological or pedagogical qualifications)

All these requirements also apply to our consultants.