The workshop process



Like many things in life, workshops are a successful mix of craft and skill. Some aspects might not be challenging but others are essential.

We are using a standard process for our work to ensure

  • that all routine and organizational issues are reliably resolved and that
  • elements critical to success are processed with plenty of time and attention. We've highlighted them for you in our diagram.




Workshop lounge

In a workshop lounge, you can monitor the process status and discuss details with your short term consultant, at any point in time. 

  • The expected results (or findings) are assessed by the consultant.
  • Every individual activity is assessed by all participants and by the principal separately.
  • And for every single event, our consultant coach will review the realization status of activities and the transfer of decisions, six months after the meeting.

If you have a master agreement with us, we'll discuss all workshops in form of a cockpit session oncer per year.