Our name


We collaborate with your teams.
And that's why team work has center stage.


We know that all elements of this collaboration will create positive synergies.
That's why our name, just like our brand, is three dimensional:
PROfessionals, PROgress & PROcesses = That's performance cubed!


We are longstanding professionals for short-term consultation, and we specialize in this type of work. We'd be thrilled to guide your teams too.


We generate results, and that means: PROgress. Together with your team, we progress and work towards your objectives.


We design the various processes, which you manage together with your team during off-site meetings. Generating ideas and creativity, forcing decisions, keeping everyone on board, creating transparency, evaluating situations as well as establishing compromises and conclusions - we'll plan, control, optimize and complete all these activities including many more aspects. For you. Together with you.