Scientific communication in health care

teamPRO³ coaches the planning process of scientific communication in a health care facility.

New, complex solutions and systems with simple marketing messages are simply not enough in this industry. This applies, among others, when you have to provide evidence of the patient benefits in health care. A careful market preparation is not only helpful but needed. Because the health systems is quite rightly so geared up to safety - to the patients' safety and reliability. The competence of many specialists has to be focused here if the early communication with scientists, clinics, doctors, patient associations and health insurers is supposed to succeed. At this point, (internal) medical staff, researchers, (system) developers and engineers, evaluation specialists, market and business officers, sales and regional experts as well as communication specialists are going to meet.


teamPRO³ had the pleasure of preparing, processing and guiding these workshops (for five clients to date), as well as evaluating the results and "selling" them internally. The last time we did this with a group of American and German employees for global software and web solutions in April 2014. On the basis of prepared interviews (in person as well as by phone), we agreed and implemented, among others, the attached program.

The resulting road maps for publications are now realized and monitored. External authors support their creation. Annual reviews secure success and the continuation of the client's strategic publication plans ("SPP") as scheduled.