Our consultants


"Visualizing complex relationships in simple ways,
developing new insights and perspectives,
expanding the scope and
pursuing realistic ways of implementation."

  • Systemic organizational development
  • LIFO strength management
  • Changesetter business simulation
  • Development of corporate cultures
  • Project management acc. to PMI standard
  • Process coach for change, Philips GmbH
  • Organizational development consultant, TOP Business AG
  • Division manager, HR and organizational development, Grundig Akademie
  • Manager at Wunsch Unternehmensberatung, specialized in change management
  • Enterprise leadership / organization
  • Personnel development / HR consulting
  • Mineral oil, natural gas and non-renewable fuels
  • Retail and sales enterprises
  • Automotive parts
  • Insurance companies
  • Semiconductors & equipment for semiconductor production
  • Various telecommunication services



  • Enterprise leadership / organization
  • Personnel consulting / HR
  • Personnel development
  • Project management (PM)